Posted on: December 13, 2010 5:28 am

Colts clinch?

<p>So I got confused working out how the Colts get into the playoffs and it basically boils down to, win and your in. Unfortunately it's the same for the Jags.</p>

<p>Yes, they can get in as wild card some other way but its improbable. If the Jags win on Sunday, they win the division and the Colts pack up and go home. If the Colts win on Sunday then these are the scenarios:</p>

<p> </p>

<p>W = win, L = loss. T = tie, x = any result</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts Lxx + Jags Wxx = Jags win division (H2H tiebreaker)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WWW + Jags Lxx = Colts win division (common opponent tie breaker)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WWL + Jags LWW = Jags win division (better record)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WWL + Jags LLW = Jags win division (better division record)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WWL + Jags LWL = Colts win division (common opponent tie breaker)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WWL + Jags LLL = Colts win division (better record)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WLW + Jags LWL = Colts win division (better division record)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WLW + Jags LLW = Colts win division (common opponent tie breaker)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WLW + Jags LLL = Colts win division (better record)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WLW + Jags LWW = Jags win division (better record)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WLL + Jags LLL = Colts win division (common opponent tie breaker)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WLL + Jags LLW = Jags win division (better record)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WLL + Jags LWL = Jags win division (better record)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Colts WLL + Jags WWW = Jags win division (better record) </p>

<p> </p>

<p> </p>

Posted on: November 12, 2009 5:06 am

2nd half surges

So its just over half way through the NFL season, Thursday night games are starting and the divisions are shaping up, with a few surprises thrown in (Broncos, Bengals etc). What awaits us in the second half - an undefeated season? A late surge from an unexpected team? A fall from Grace? Only time will tell.

Firstly are the Saints or Colts going to go undefeated.   I think the Colts don't, their schedule is too tough, I think they sneak past the Pats but then they have to go to Baltimore, a tough return trip to Houston (who, if it wasn't for a misssed FG, would have had a 50/50 chance - coin flip - of winning last week) they then return home to an ever improving Titans team and a surprising Broncos team.  If they haven't lost by then, the Jets in week 16 will have a good chance.  Whilst I would love for the Colts to go undefeated and not choke in the play-offs or (ahem Brady) Superbowl, I don't think its going to happen.  The Saints don't have so much of a hard schedule with games against the Bucs, Panthers, Rams and Redskins but I still think they trip up against the Falcons or Dallas (sorry Pats fans, honest).

Almost every year there seems to be one team that has a poor first half and then surges to sneak into the play-offs on the last day of the season. There are a number of contenders this year. I think the Titans have a strong second half, but don't make the play-offs, their 2-6 start is just to hard to overcome and in such a tough division.  They finish 8-8 and have a bit of respectability restored. San Diego have a chance of making the post-season, maybe not because of a strong second half but just because the Broncos look like they may collapse at any time. I think the game in week 11 will decide this division. The AFC North is just Crazy with the Bengals and Steelers fighting it out for the lead this weekend. The Ravens are reasonably strong and I think could get in as the AFC 6th seed (yes I think both Wild Cards will come from the North). 

In the NFC - the East is just messy, no one wants to win it.  I think this stays the case and the winner has a 9-7 record. No late surges here.  I think the surprise comes from the West, the 49ers are under-achieving this year. I reckon they have a strong second half and win the division - if not take a wild card. Other surprise team is probably either Chicago or Green Bay. I just don't like any of the teams, they are just inconsistent.  Tampa looked good (well, in comparison to the rest of their games) against the Packers and don't look like a 1 loss team - they get another 2 or 3 wins and hand the 1st pick to the Rams.

Who's currently going well and just gonna fail with a capital F.  Well the Giants have already started to struggle, but I don't think they fall to far and the bye will do them good. I think Arizona would start to slip if they didn't have such an easy schedule (how did this happen?) Denver is going to struggle again and I think the Pats (yes, the Pats) are also going to struggle to get to the play-offs. In fact they could lose the next three games be 6-5 and sitting behind the Jets on the same record with the Tie breaker.




Posted on: October 24, 2009 5:29 am

on a train to London

Sat on a train on my way to watch the international series in London tomorrow I logged on to my favorite betting site, and was a bit surprised at what I found. Not that the bucs are about 10/1 to win, that's expected but that the Vikings are underdogs at Pittsburgh. Big underdogs. 6 point underdogs. WTF? Yeah, the Steelers are a decent team and are at home, but where's the respect for the 6-0 Vikings? I mean the Steelers almost lost to the winless Titans on opening night, they did lose to the Bengals (still not convinced) and have not been the team we all expected this year. Meanwhile the Vikings are undefeated and have beaten some good teams. Their offence is awesome and their defense is ok. I'm not even taking the spread. 50 on the vikes to win.

I open my paper and turn to the sports section to find a preview of the wembley game. I smile as the front page has Tom Brady on (we get very poor press coverage of the nfl in this country) and quickly turn to page 13. However, instead of the preview that i expected, it was simply a Bio of Brady, comaring him to David Beckham. A few mentions of the game, but no mention of records,any other players,coaches or potential tactics/expectations. Gutted. I'll just have to rely on CBS again. Just would have been nice to get an English prospective.

Next I open my handheld games console for a quick game of Madden. Pats - Bucs obviously. wonder if tomorrow can resemble my result, new england 7 - 38 Tampa Bay. Hope so, but maybe not. Wonder what odds I'd get for that. Hmmmm.

Posted on: September 17, 2009 6:05 pm

My Draft review

When I decided to do a draft, I decided to wait till week two, just to see how well I'd do by getting a little bit of information from my players. Started quite predictably with AP going #1. But then it just went wierd.  Brees went 2, I was picking 7th and was hoping that Brees would slip to me, but didn't expect such a high pick. M J-D went 3rd, Turner 4th and I thought we were back to normality when 5th pick took BRADY. wow.  At this point I had to check the scoring system, just to make sure it was standard scoring, it was. Forte went next then it was my pick.  Now I had a dilema, take a very good value RB with Williams Gore or Slaton, or do I go with my gut and reach for Fitzgerald.  Probably a bad move, but I take Larry.

Before the draft gets back to me the premium RBs have gone along with Manning (11th), Rivers (13th to same guy that took manning) and the rest of the top receivers.  In round two I reckon I have a choice between Westbrook or LT.  I gamble on Westbrook.

3rd round and I'm hoping Colston drops to me.  Guy 3 before me takes him and I'm stuck. I need another RB so take BPA, which at the time is Ryan Grant. Not bad.  I have already made a trade offer though, which I hope will be accepted - I'm giving up Fitzgerald and Westbrook for Turner and Colston.

By the time 4th round gets to me even more QBs have gone off the board with Romo, Rodgers and Warner all going in the 3rd. I resign to myself at signing Flacco/Ryan/Sanchez in the late rounds and take a guy I like from week 1, D McFadden

I was hoping to get a TE in the 5th so am happy when the round starts and only Clark has gone (round 3 to the guy with 2 QB), but then there is a rush on them and Witten, Gates and Gonzalez go in the 3 picks directly before mine.  Damn, I wanted Gonzalez and I was one spot out. I decide to leave the TE for now and pick up Lee Evans.

The next few rounds are pretty standard, I take:

6th Tim Hightower
7th Chris Cooley
8th Patriots (under-rated I think)

Round 9 is where I start to struggle.  Everyone is taking Kickers but I'm leaving that to the last round (I hope I can land J Carney), looking back this was a reach, but I take Holt.  No one took a WR from rounds 9-10.

Round 10.  I'm not leaving it any later, QBs are rated highly and Ryan has gone so I take my man, Flacco.

Round 11. Backup wr with an awesome first week - I Bruce

I've known my last 3 picks since the start of the draft and I manage to get them:

12: Sanchez
13: Baskett (sleeper at Indy)
14th: Carney

Posted on: September 11, 2009 10:32 am

Some Predictions that may seem WRONG

This article is basically for me to write my predictions for next couple of months within the world of sport so that when they come true, I can say "told you so".  I think its probably biased towards my teams, but oh well, thats what fans do, isn't it?

  1. New England don't go 16-0.  They don't even go 4-0.  They will be run close by the Falcons in week 3 and get beat by Baltimore in week four.
  2. Florida Gators lose a game. Probably @LSU 
  3. The Lions start 0-4 and get very worried
  4. The Marlins exceed everyone expectations and push for a wild card but lose out on the last day of the season to the Dodgers (who have been overtaken by the Rockies)
  5. Mauer will be AL MVP
  6. Cleveland starts Quinn in week 1, and Anderrson in week 2.
  7. Brett Favre misses a start.

Ther you go, go on, tell me I'm wrong.

Posted on: August 11, 2009 10:29 am

More totally fantastical ramblings

My recent blog post got some strong comments, mostly from people who didn't read the entire thing, so I urge people to read the entire thing before responding.
This is a fun idea, that I AM NOT SUGGESTING, but just wondering how it would work.  
Relegation and promotion in professional sports.  Soccer across the world has a tiered system, whereby teams can start from nothing and work their way up to play at the elite levels.  This means that every team has a chance of playing with the big boys.   Imagine if we took this approach in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB.

Let's start with the NFL for example.  Split the NFL into two layers, so the best 16 teams are in the top and the rest are in the bottom half.  Each year the top half plays at least one game against all the other teams within that layer and maybe a wild card against the lower half.  They then have the playoffs in the usual way and the winner gets the title of champs and the Vince Lombardi trophy.  The bottom four teams play against each other and the loser gets relegated to the lower layer. 
The lower layer has a similar structure, in that they play throughout the season and the winner of their play-offs replaces the worst team in the upper division.
This would encourage more competitive games between similar strength sides.  No bias towards strength of schedule.  Given the non-competing teams something to play for and more games fro the fans to watch.
What, you don't like it?  OK, MLB:
Exactly same structure as we have now. BUT the team with the worst record gets relegated to the minor leagues. Then the minors have a playoff system so that the best team is promoted to the majors. Thus filling up the 30 team league.
Another suggestion NBA:
Its rediculious that a 500 team can make it into the playoffs consistanctly and almost makes the regular season pointless.  Lets shorten the playoffs to include only 4 teams.  make the teams work for their place there (last year - Boston, Cleveland, LA and Orlando) and put the teams that didn't make the playoffs last year into a secodn division.  With the best four playing off for the chance at playing the NBA. 
Make the regular season count, make the playoffs more competitive (as oppossed to some of the one sided first round playoffs that we get).
Should I go on?  NHL...  Well you can see where I'm going..

Bring on the abuse...
Posted on: August 3, 2009 5:20 am

A totally Fantastical Restructuring of the NFL

Currently the NFL is split up into various division, some of which are very strong.  Others of which are very weak.  This article is basically my thoughts of a restructure so that each division is equally matched and each team that gets into the play-offs deserves it.
Now obviously this is not possible as of geographical reasons and I realise that this is not a suggestion, but meerly a fantastical view of the NFL.Wheras we can restructure it so that next year is going to be fair, it almost wonders how this will stay fair over the next few years.  What if...
OK, we keep the NFC, AFC structure and keep the teams within these conferences.  We alternate the divisions from record (NOT superbowl winners) so say the team with the best record would go in in the North, 2nd best would go in the East, 3rd best in South, 4th best in West. Then reverse so 5th best in West, 6th in South, 7th in East and 8th in North. Carry on like this until all divisions have been filled.That way each division has 2 of the top eight tops last year, and people like chicago and Tampa bay have a chance of winning the division rather than Arizona walking it with a 9-7 record.
If this was dond fro this year the league would look like:
  • Tenessee
  • San Diego
  • Hosuton
  • Kansas City
  • Indianapolis
  • Jets
  • Denver
  • Cleveland
  • Pittsburgh
  • New England
  • Buffalo
  • Cincinatti
  • Miami
  • Baltimore
  • Jacksonville
  • Oakland

  • Giants
  • Chicago
  • Arizona
  • Detroit
  • Carolina 
  • Tampa Bay
  • New Orleans
  • St Louis
  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Washington
  • Seatle
  • Minnessotta
  • Philadelphia
  • San Fransisco
  • Green Bay
Posted on: July 23, 2009 5:04 pm
Edited on: July 24, 2009 5:27 am

Picking a college football team

I've been a big fan of NFL for about 10 years now. And I have watched the draft for the past couple but have never really watched the college game.  I thought it was about time to get to grips with the sport and pick my team.I'm not a US resident so I don't have a local team, unless you count 3000 miles as being local.  My NFL team (Colts) was picked as it was the first game I watched and I liked their style of play.  The Marlins were picked because they have a distinct business - they can only afford to employ young guys and the experience goes elsewhere.  By supporting the fish I get a chance to see teh up and coming players in the game - even if they don't stay around for long. My favourite player in the game was once a Marlin (pudge).  The Nets were chosen because they were the default team on NBA 1999 EA sports game.
So how to pick a college team....
First, which conference to choose.  I am obviously going to need something with enough coverage to see some games here in the UK and want to watch some decent football so its gotta be a BSC confernce.  There are a few conferences taht I have heard of quite a lot - SEC, Big East, Pacific, Big 10 and Big 12. So I wonder onto CBS and theres an article about the SEC and how its better than all the rest.  Well this is a trusted site of mine, so why not.  I take the time to read the article and given the amount of coverage they're gonna get on the TV and the relative ease to travel there (if needs be), I figured why not settle on this.
So SEC it is. Now a team?  Should I stay with my baseball team and go for the Gators.  I have two problems with this - They are too good (I don't like supporting the really good teams.  This seems silly but its why I hate the Yankees, the Pats and the Lakers. Its just no fun winning all the time. Its good to knwo when your team has acheived something.  LSU I ruled out for the same reason - they just seemed too well supported.  I also didn't wanna be stuck with a team thats never gonna win so I ruled out Vanderbilt, Arkansas and Miss State. That leaves me with a few options:
and Tennesse.
I then looked at the pedigree that these schools created and got to Mississippi.   They've produced NFL players such as Eli Manning, Peria Jerry, Deuce McCallister, Michael Oher and Patrick Willis. Which I thought was some decent crop.  Also tehy ahve a quirky nickname - Ole Miss.  I like the ring of this, but what finally swayed me was that they are in Oxford - which is an English town too and not many people live there so its quite small town and they knocked of Florida and the much hyped QB there to spoil there undefeated season.  I liked the Determination they showed in that game last season and thats why my college team is now..


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